Social Media for Small Business: 4 Easy to Use Instagram Strategies

Have you just started up a small business? Do you need some simple social media tips to get your Instagram started? You’re in the right place!

Modern businesses can’t afford not to be on social media. Why spend your valuable time on something if you’re not going to do it right? Setting up and running an Instagram account for a small business doesn’t have to be complicated to get impressive results.

Keep reading for four Instagram strategies you can begin using today!

1. When Using Social Media for Small Business Purposes, Make Sure Your Instagram Posts Are Uniform

Your social media accounts should present your business in the best possible light, which is why it’s so important to ensure your Instagram feed’s aesthetic is on point. A mishmash of differently styled images will make your business’ Instagram look unprofessional and amateur.

When using social media for a small business, remember to use the same or similar filters, with consistent tones, colours, and image sizes. Doing so will help keep everything looking uniform and pleasing to the eye.

Online curated vintage seller, Bohome Goods, does an excellent job of keeping her shop’s Instagram on-brand. Every image has warm and neutral tones that even coordinate well with her company logo.

Bohome Example

Helpful hint: Download an image editing app like Afterlight that has plenty of filters and editing options. You don’t necessarily need a fancy camera and photoshop to create awesome images your followers will love.

2. Use Hashtags, but Don’t Go Overboard

There’s a very fine line between too many hashtags and not enough. According Simply Measured, adding just one hashtag to your Instagram post can increase engagement by 12.6 per cent.

Evidently, hashtags are an incredibly valuable tool that can increase your Instagram’s exposure and encourage fans and customers to get involved with your brand online. However, using too many hashtags can muddle down your brand’s message, and you also run the risk of looking desperate and unprofessional.

TrackMaven has a very insightful graphic that shows the level of interactions per number of hashtags.

social media for small business

As you can see, the sweet spot is right around four to five hashtags per post. Make sure you use a blend of branded hashtags (ones specifically for your business), as well as non-branded hashtags (general ones).

3. Show Your Business’ Personality with Instagram Stories

While we already discussed the importance of keeping your feed on-brand and consistent, Instagram Stories present the perfect opportunity to show your followers a little more of your brand’s personality. Because Stories disappear within a day, it creates an exclusive feeling and provides followers an inside look at the behind the scenes of your business.

Here are some ideas for Instagram stories:

  • Feature some of your key staff members and introduce them
  • Behind the scenes look at a new product
  • Images or video clips of fun company events
  • Featuring comments or submissions from customers

When it comes to stories, the sky is the limit! Don’t forget that you can upload previously captured images and videos to your Story. Just go to the Story upload screen and swipe up, and you’ll be able to choose a recently captured image from there.

Social Media Tip: To make your Instagram Stories feel more intimate, avoid using overtly promotional images. It’s better to keep everything more organic and authentic.

4. Leverage Instagram’s Contact Information Feature

Over the last couple years, Instagram has stepped up its game, and small business owners can now take advantage of several awesome features. The first step in how to make a small business Instagram should be optimizing your Instagram for business purposes, which means uploading your contact information.

From the Instagram app main page, go to your profile and click “Edit Profile”. You should open to a page and see the heading Business Information, and click the “Contact Options” button. Then, enter your company’s email and phone number. The information will appear on your profile like this:

social media tips

La Gartier Wedding Garters does an excellent job of optimizing its Instagram profile for its business. Not only does the profile feature the Call and Email buttons, it also has a link to its website.

Like what you just read? There’s more where that came from!

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