3 Snapchat Features You’re Probably Not Using, but Need to Start

Snapchat is an important social media channel for small business owners, helping to give your brand personality and encourage engagement with your customers. If your Snapchat game needs some improvement, here are three features you should start using today.

1. Use More Than One Filter in a Snapchat

Part of what made Snapchat so popular in the beginning is its selection of fun and pretty filters. Did you know you can actually use more than one at a time?

How To Add More Than One Filter on Snapchat

Choose your first filter, then hold down your finger on the screen and start swiping again to find an additional filter. Once you’re happy with your combination, remove your finger. Bingo!

2. Use Photos or Videos Taken On Your Camera in Your Snapchats

This one can make all the difference for showcasing your products, events, or services in all their glory!

How To Use Photos from Your Camera on Snapchat

When you go to the camera option within the Snapchat app, swipe up and you can choose images from your phone’s library.

3. Link to Your Company Website or a Landing Page in Your Snap

Although Snapchat has been strong in its commitment to not allow outbound links, but they have recently added a feature that allows you to link to outside websites or landing pages!

How To Link to a Website on Snapchat

Take your Snapchat as usual then click the paperclip icon on the right-hand side. Type in your URL, then viola! Don’t forget to tell your followers to swipe up to access the link!

Disclaimer: All these features are accurate as of September 5 2017 with the most up-to-date version of the app. Features can change and do change often. I will try to update this post accordingly.

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